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What’s in a name? We think quite a lot.

The story of the LOTUS flower is one of renewal and rebirth. Beginning its life at the bottom of a muddy pond surrounded by darkness, the plant pushes its stalk up through the murky water to the surface, where its magnificent flower unfolds, without any visible sign of the mud from which it came. The flower’s story is a symbol for all of us who have experienced suffering, felt stuck or stifled by adversity or trauma, and have overcome these obstacles by discovering new ways of living in the world.

At Lotus Psychotherapy, it is our mission to help you rise above the adversity and obstacles that you face, freeing yourself from feeling “stuck in the mud,” so that you may move towards growth and renewal, and bloom into the being that is inherently and authentically you. Our groups and workshops serve as fertile ground as you explore yourself and gain perspective on how you live in the world. Our programming allows you to explore the emotions that run deep in your heart, to reconnect with your physical self, to gain a sense of universal connectedness, and to deepen the relationships with those who are most important to you.

We hope you will come and join us!

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