Spring Awakening

Springtime is here. The days are getting longer, the sun is feeling stronger, plants are beginning to grow, and animals are emerging once again. As Earth wakes from its slumber, we too begin to feel more energized and excited with possibility. It is easy to align yourself with nature’s rhythms by doing things to wake up, cleanse, and ignite your body, mind and spirit.

Spring is a great time to clean up your physical space. Start fresh by de-cluttering drawers, closets and garages. This frees up room for new ideas and opportunities to come your way. Our bodies also accumulate clutter during the sedentary time of winter. Cleanse the body by adding more fresh fruits and raw vegetables to your diet. A juice fast also can be a wonderful way to address stagnation and gain more energy.

The best way to catch spring fever is to get outside. Observe all that is coming alive again. Nature can be a wonderful mirror for us. Take a few moments to contemplate…what wants to wake up inside of you? What areas have been stagnant in your life that might need fresh energy? What ideas do you want to nurture? Meditating and journal writing can help to clarify your vision. Setting intentions is much like sowing seeds. Plant them, nurture them, give them attention and watch them grow.

Written by Nina Chaifetz, LCSW-R