Mindful Moments teaching Mindfulness Skills


Last night I completed facilitating our inaugural Basic Mindfulness Skills Group at our center. Up until this point, I have been teaching mindfulness skills within the context of individual session work and hoping for nearly 18 months to shift to a group format. Finally, with the opening of our center, I launched this 4 session group in May for the first time. Last night was our last session. Sitting in the group with the participants, I was reminded about why I love group work so much. I am humbled by the support participants offer each other, the risks they take in learning something new, the parts of themselves they choose to share with each other, and the ways in which relationships emerge and unfold around a shared experience.

Teaching these basic skills has been an opportunity for myself to review the ways in which I go about bringing mindfulness into my own life. Last night as we ended our group, I shared with participants how I have come to think about this practice for myself. I call these thoughts touch points and have included a few of them here:

  • Mindfulness is the practice of creating for oneself an internal sense of space.
  • It is the practice of coming home within oneself. In her DBT Skills training Manual, Marsha Linehan writes, ‘Sometimes we take little walks, then we come home.’
  • Mindfulness is allowing yourself to land into the here and now.
  • Mindfulness practice allows you to feel the embrace of the present moment, and the comfort of your own being.

It is my hope that the participants of our Basic Mindfulness Skills training will begin to develop their own relationship to mindfulness practice and cultivate their own touch points in how they think about this practice for themselves.

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