Lotus Women Group

A Support Group for Women Finding Themselves at Life’s Crossroads

GROUP BEGINNING January 9th, 2019!

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A place for women to come who may:

  • Have experienced recent changes in life and are finding themselves feeling emotionally alone
  • Are grappling with issues related to loss, aging, relationships, family life, work, or health
  • Are feeling overwhelmed by the change and uncertainty that are now part of life
  • Find themselves feeling inadequately supported socially or by those around them

Lotus Women is a group for women experiencing change in their life who find themselves feeling emotionally isolated and in need of support.

Participating in the Lotus Women group can:

  • Allow you to connect with other women so that you may feel less alone and less isolated in your life
  • Enable you to hear from others experiencing similar challenges related to life change so that you can feel the presence  of others in the same boat navigating these emotional waters with you
  • Offer you perspective as others in the group listen, receive, and respond to that which you choose to share
  • Give you the opportunity to be a source of help to group members so that you can see how your experience and perspective may be valuable to those around you
  • Allow you to feel more internally supported and less emotionally reactive so that you can feel empowered to make life choices that are wise and effective
  • Provide you with invaluable tools that can help foster internal strength and resiliency


Lotus Psychotherapy
280 Dobbs Ferry Road, Suite 303
White Plains, NY 10607


Wednesday Evenings 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. First group will be held Wednesday, January 9th, 2019


Each 90-minute support group facilitated by a trained group specialist will follow an open discussion format which will organically lead to the exploration of particular themes and issues that are meaningful and important to the members of the group. Discussions each week may center around issues related to loss, aging, relationships, family life, work, health, and well-being.


Participating in a therapeutic support group can be a gift to one’s self. The group experience is one that is dynamic and synergistic. Often individuals feel a sense of self-acceptance as well as greater sense of their own empowerment as a result of participation in therapeutic support groups.


This group series is an ongoing group and runs from January through July. The cost per group is $50. Participants pay on a monthly tuition basis based on the number of sessions per month.


Robin Friedman, LCSW-R

Robin Friedman, LCSW-R, Co-Founder of Lotus Psychotherapy has been facilitating therapeutic groups for over 20 years with people of all ages. Her belief in the therapeutic value of the group experience remains as steadfast today as it did when she first began facilitating groups many years ago.



Ms. Archana Arora, LCSW

Archana has spent nearly 13 years working with children and families as a Social Worker and most recently as a psychotherapist. As a therapist, Archana facilitates new ways of coping and finding happiness through a combination of clinical, holistic and mindful practices. Her work combines psychotherapy with mindfulness tools to achieve desired results and restore mind body soul harmony. Born and raised in India, Archana grew up practicing mindfulness on a daily basis. She is passionate about women’s empowerment and works with women from a strength-based approach.

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