Lotus Mamas Group

A Support Group for New Moms and Mothers-To-Be

Becoming a new mom can be a magical, joyful experience filled with feelings of love and fulfillment.

While these feelings may be part of your experience, you may ALSO be experiencing more difficult feelings like: overwhelm, uncertainty and isolation. In your new role of motherhood, as your babies’ needs dominate your own, you are likely to be physically exhausted and sleep deprived. You may also feel the REAL LOSS of your previous, more care-free life, in contrast to the huge responsibility of taking care of your baby 24/7. Because we live in a culture that projects early motherhood to be a time characterized by pure bliss, you may judge yourself or think something is wrong with you if you are not feeling blissed-out all the time.


Lotus Mamas is a place where women transitioning to motherhood:

  • Can gather and collectively embrace the breadth of experiences that shape and define becoming a mom
  • Can learn to appreciate their babies' unfolding personalities - their likes and dislikes as well as the traits and characteristics that are unique to them
  • Can connect with others around feeding, sleeping, soothing, playing, as well as maternal self-care so that they can broaden their knowledge base and feel a sense of empowerment as they work through challenges
  • Can safely express the hardship and difficult feelings that are universal to the new motherhood experience so that they can feel a sense of validation and know that their experience is shared by others

I'm ready to join a community of new mothers!


Lotus Psychotherapy
280 Dobbs Ferry Road, Suite 303
White Plains, NY 10607


This weekly group meets on  Thursdays from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. This group is an ongoing group and runs from September through June.


Lotus Mamas focuses on building connections between new and expecting mothers, providing psychological and emotional mindfulness education as well as strategies for self-care and finding balance. This group is open to expecting mothers as well as new mothers and babies.


While the birth of a new baby is one of the most magical times in life, women may also feel overwhelmed as they ready themselves for their delivery date as well as isolated or uncertain as they navigate through the first weeks and months postpartum.


This group is an ongoing group and runs weekly from September through June. Drop-In sessions are $22. A 5 Group Pass Card is $100. Registration is required to attend our groups, so please call ahead to let us know you are interested.

Payment can be made via check made out to Lotus Psychotherapy or via Zelle (recipient email is info@lotuspsych.com). Please write “Lotus Mamas Drop In” or "Lotus Mamas 5 Group Pass" in the memo space, or you can register online for a Drop-In Group or a 5 Group Pass Card.

Group Facilitator:

Nicole Wagner, LCSW, CPD (DONA) has spent nearly 20 years working with children and families as a Social Worker and most recently as a Certified Postpartum Doula. As a Doula, Nicole provides non-judgmental postpartum support and nurturing to new families. Nicole finds it extremely gratifying to be able to guide and nurture women as she knows that her support can ease minds and hearts during the first few weeks postpartum.

I’m ready to join a community of new mothers!


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